How to prepare.

Amazing photography doesn’t just happen, it does require some careful consideration including lighting, mood, pose and masterful post production. A great base makes this task easier, we take the guess work out of it for you with some tips below.



  1. Children Portrait Sessions
    • It’s a good idea to bring along food, drinks and entertainment to make your child's time here as comfortable as possible. 
    • Favourite toys are encouraged to be bought along as they can be used in the shoot as well as calming your child.
    • Bring hair accessories for girls including clips, headbands and hair ties.
    • I can not say this often enough, no pictures or words on the front of your children's clothing.
  2. Props
    • To make the shoot even more personal, you may wish to bring in props such as, musical instruments, skateboards, bike helmets, special jewellery, bar bells, costumes etc.

Special notes for Babies and Children.

The best time to schedule children’s portrait sessions and family gigs is during the time of day that they are most happy and responsive. You know your baby best... and we are only too happy to accommodate.

Clothing choices for babies are always better if they are kept simple. It is tempting to dress babies in pastel, but this has a tendency to give their face and skin a ‘washed out’ appearance, better with slightly bolder colors. Toddlers and young children look great in classic clothing such as simple dresses, bib overalls and bare feet please try and keep clear of “Slogan Tee’s” as they date very quickly. Feel free to bring several outfits and we can decide together what will photograph best.

We work quickly with children to catch them before they go off the boil and loose interest, however sometimes they need small  necessary breaks they need to keep them happy - changing, feeding or just a little play break. 

For those of you with babies; drool happens!  Don’t worry about this too much we will remove the drool, and just about anything else you (or baby) can throw in post production. 

If for some reason your child is simply not up for the task on the scheduled day, we can rebook for a different time/day at no extra charge. What is most important is that everyone is relaxed and comfortable and that you are completely happy with your final prints!