Wanaka Adventures

Take some lovely ladies, add a make over artist and a photographer and presto you have a beautiful location and a day of laughter and fun – not to mention the amazing weather!!

We headed over to sunny Wanaka, car loaded to the brim with furniture, backdrop paper, studio lights, tripod, laptop, projector, camera, clothes and food.

Traveling over and setting up on Friday night in a rented house was a lot of fun. Not to leave out the beautiful view the clients enjoyed while experiencing their two hour makeover and photo shoot – right out the window were some lovely trees and of course Lake Wanaka.

Wanaka Photo Shoot

Glamour shoots involve clients bringing an assortment of different outfits and jewellery they then relax while being made over.  Some times our glamour shoots are the first time some ladies experience having their make up done professionally. They always love it and often wonder why they haven’t done it before; their daughters have often enjoyed this experience for formals but Mums haven’t until they book for one of my glamour shoots.

The ladies experienced a two hour luxurious make over and a fun relaxed photo shoot – wow what a way to make your clients have fun, spend time with loved ones and be photographed in a way they have not had done before.

The best thing about it by us staying for two nights was it gave the lovely ladies and family members a chance to see their photos before we packed up and headed back to Dunedin.  

Wanaka Photo Shoot

Yours truly also took advantage of the setting and had a new advertising shot done for my new website, taken by my good friend Brenda-Lee. It was taken in the most retro funky bedroom you could imagine. It had amazing planet / moon wall paper, with a cane bed end and a duvet cover that I would love to have. It featured the most amazing fabrics and colours, it certainly added to the atmosphere and was so fun to use.  

So yes my new publicity shot features the funky retro room, and yes it is true photographers don’t like getting their photo taken either, it is very foreign for us also but the key is to relax and be guided by the person behind the camera.  A lot of laughing helps too, unfortunately it does make the mascara run, but hey that can be fixed. Life is short – enjoy what you have when you have it.  It’s a hoot.

Wanaka Photo Shoot

So there goes the weekend, arriving back home after cramming the car full again with all the props and equipment, managing to make room for some fresh veg and a real fruit ice cream arriving home to our normal lives and putting on the mother hood hat again at 8.30pm Sunday night.

Signing off until next time, Donna-Marie

We will return as we have many more lovely ladies to transform and book for their Glamour photo shoots.


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