Shotz Photography Star Kids 2009

A big thank you goes out to all those lovely babies and children who took part in Shotz Photography’s Star Kids promotion 2009. 

The Shotz Photography Star Kids promotion takes place every February - these portrait shoots are free.  The age of the children taking part is babies – 5 years.  We shared nibbles and drinks with them, they gave us a good time sharing dribbles, laughs, tears and the odd oops-e-daisy which was quickly dealt with and all perfectly natural.

We were fortunate enough to photograph children who were a bit more independent and those who couldn’t stand alone but will be able to now.  We photographed a builder, lots of ballet dancers, some fairies, a dinosaur, one set of twin babies with their older sister, mums grandmas and their grandchildren, a beautiful expressive clever wee girl with her gingerbread man, a cutie with his skateboard and teddy, lovely colourful children in colourful clothes, an angel, a bumble bee, a wee girl from the Ferrari pit crew, girls with pony tails or head bands, boys with attitude and gusto, dancing poppets, caring siblings, and a very newborn baby who we popped in a drawer for his session while he had a snooze.

A large canvas banner was printed and displayed at the Dunedin Woman’s Expo that was held in October.  We look forward to photographing the Shotz Photography Star Kids 2010 and huge thanks again for all those who took part.  We will keep you on the email list to see if you would like to do it again next time.


Check out some of the pics


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